What are the tips for using PLASTIC SEAL

1. Install the SEAL: Pass the PLASTIC SEAL through the item to be encapsulated, and tighten the seal to ensure that the seal is firmly fixed on the item to prevent tampering or moving.
2. Record and mark: Record the necessary information on the PLASTIC SEAL, such as serial number, date, installation personnel, etc., and label the item in order to track the status and location of the goods.
3. Inspection and maintenance: Check the status and integrity of the PLASTIC SEAL regularly. If it is damaged or abnormal, replace it in time.
4. Use multiple seals: For goods with high value or high security requirements, multiple sealing strategies can be used, that is, other types of seals, such as metal seals, can be added on the basis of PLASTIC seals to improve safety and traceability.
5. Use different colors: The color of PLASTIC SEAL can be used to distinguish different suppliers, items, locations and other information to facilitate unified management and classification.
The use of PLASTIC SEAL requires attention to installation, recording, safety awareness, inspection and maintenance skills to ensure the safety and traceability of goods during transportationon.

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